Tell us more about the "sounds of new york" website ?
The website is unique. Thanks to its 24 sounds sampled from such places as the subway, the Staten Island ferry or the bustling streets of Chinatown and thanks also to the vivid pictures catching New York city at its busiest, what used to be quite ordinary and two dimensional suddenly comes alive with the addition of real life sounds. Your computer room is transported to Manhattan ! We are arriving to Grand Central Station on board a train in the subway. We are at the Empire State building enjoying the sights. Or we are on Broadway and the wail of an ambulance siren betrays the urgency of life in the Big Apple.

Why do you propose several versions
of the same sound ?

Two versions of the same sound clip are available. Depending on one's bandwidth one can choose between an abridged version or a fuller version.

I can't hear sounds ! Why it's not functioning on my computer ?
Are you using a pop-up killer ? If you are using any kind of pop-up killer, you must shut it down while your are visiting this website. The sounds are played thanks to pop-ups. That's the best way to broadcast these sounds on the web. It's still not functionning ? Send us an
e-mail !

What about the photos ?
This website and all the photos displayed on this website are copyrighted by Didier Forray, all right reserved. More photos of New York can be found at :

You are a journalist and you want to write an article about sounds of new york ?
Don't hesitate to contact
us by
e-mail. We would be pleased to answer about this project.